raw church unconference

October 28-29 2013 | Riverside, Ca

Raw Church is for leaders to have conversations long overdue in the Church. We're killing the sacred cows.

Raw Church

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  • More Conversations

    Raw Church is a safe place to talk about broken marriages, divorce, abortion, homosexuality, same sex attraction, affairs, drugs, mental illness, those things that are very challenge to talk about especially in the church. Raw Church will also address issues like the neuro-science of dispositions, being real with self, non-traditional ministries (ministry in a bar), managing staff relations when personal issues arise, etc.
  • Real Issues

    Raw Church unconference is the gathering for us to have conversations, to learn how to live and to give radical grace. We've invited people to share their stories of experiencing radical grace and we're looking for others who want to freely receive and freely give genuine love for themselves and others in the midst of extra messy lives. Hard topics like divorce, affairs, homosexuality, addictions, abortion, mental illness, drugs, pornography, etc
  • Real People

    Whether you're someone religious or irreligious, working as a spiritual leader or used to, you probably know someone that's had painful things happen from abuse, addiction, moral failure, paralyzed by stigma, experienced shame. But the Church has rarely been a safe place to experience grace, acceptance, healing, and restoration. No one should be written off for the wrongs done by them or to them.

Real People

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